About Us

Leap Logic Creative is a Birmingham, Alabama based web development and branding studio. We specialize in combining creative works with powerful technology to turn your visitors into customers. We deliver great design and functionality to large Fortune 500 companies, web start-ups, non-profits and churches, all within schedule and budget.

What We Do

We're proud to say we are not an ad agency. Instead of doing many things with moderate results, we focus our talent on specific services that we execute with precision, quality and experience.

Web Development

The core of nearly all Leap Logic project is custom web development that is solid, data-powered and beautiful. E-commerce, social-integration, complex data systems; we make it work well and look fantastic


Whether you're launching a new company or trying to rekindle the flame of your existing one, branding is one of the greatest investments a business can make. Is your brand carrying you forward or holding you back?

  • Founder, Lead Developer

    Michael Thomas

    Michael is a family guy who enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters. Michael is a rare triple slashie, combining strategy, design and development skills. He keeps the team laid back and having fun, occasionally sneaking a meow into phone calls.

  • Creative Director

    Tim Kortman

    Tim is the team's energetic muse. An Auburn grad, his sharp eye scours everything that goes out for the slightest imperfection. When he's not hugging it out at work or playing the same Candy Crush level for the 117th time he's probably with his wife and baby boy.

  • CFO

    Steven Thomas

    Steven can send an invoice faster than you read this sentence. Keeping our lights on and paychecks rolling is only half his game. Steven enjoys building flight simulators, restoring classic cars, and dominating the unsuspecting (usually Michael) in online games.

  • Front End Developer

    Tanner Evans

    Tanner is the resident quiet mastermind. With a penchant for vintage hats, "T-Pain" usually has the scoop on the latest market news or crypto-currency. When he's not considering buying us all out, he's preparing with his wife for the arrival of his baby girl.

  • Front End Developer

    Ross Steinhilber

    Ross is the fresh face at Leap Logic. Joining us after leaving med-school, Ross is in pursuit of greater challenges in development and entrepreneurship. He is a Furman grad and lives with his wife Starr.

  • Interactive Project Manager

    Annie England

    Annie brings the spice to our dish. This mother of 3 and devoted wife keeps our projects on time and on (or under!) budget. For all that effort, she's a consistent client favorite! Just don't miss a deadline or she'll have to cut you.

  • Senior Developer

    We're Hiring!

    Leap Logic is seeking an addition to our team in the form of a mid-to-senior level developer. Must be fluent in PHP and jQuery. Must have experience building complex systems and web applications. Must have the ability to use something other than Wordpress. Hire me.

Interested in working with us?

Choosing a brand or design partner is a very important task. We understand that pricing is important and that not every firm is a great choice for every client. With that in mind we'll work to answer your questions and get you a proposal as soon as possible.